Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message find you and your families safe and healthy.  As members and students face challenges too numerous to name, I am so proud of our membership during this Coronavirus pandemic.
Our members continue providing students with a touchstone of normalcy and consistency…at a time when they need it the most and after reinventing the entire way we teach in such a short period of time.
Please know during this time your NAEA Leadership team has been hard at work advocating on our members’ behalf.  
I do want to remind our membership to please be extremely careful with your social media accounts especially during our workday.  Being active on social media during the workday will put you in a bad situation with concrete evidence stacked against you.  I have heard a few reports of our members using social media during the work day.  Thankfully, I have heard only from fellow members looking out for our membership and not from the administration or BOE.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be careful.  I know you are stressed and it might just be for a second, but it will not be perceived that way.  The workday is officially over at the conclusion of the Teacher’s Lounge:
High School – 1:30 PM
Middle School – 1:30 PM
Elementary – 2:15 PM.
Attached you will find a poll about our spring break.  We are asking for our membership to participate to gauge where we stand as a union on our spring break.  We want to make sure that we are advocating the correct way for our membership.  
This decision might be made officially by the NJEA legal department but we want to gauge what our membership is thinking 
There are basically three options on the table.
A.  We work straight through spring break and as a result those days will be deducted off of the end of the year allowing us to get out earlier.
B.  We keep our spring break exactly the way it is with no changes.
C.  We implement a modified spring break.  An example of this would be having Good Friday
(4/10) and Easter Monday (4/13) off and working Tuesday (4/14) through Friday (4/17).  Another example could be having off 4/10 through 4/14 and working 4/15 through 4/17.
As a result of this any days worked would be deducted off the end of the year allowing us to get out earlier.
In order for you vote to be submitted we are asking that you complete your full name on the form with your vote.  Please mention this email to your fellow colleagues to ensure we have everyone’s personal email on this email chain.  
Thank you and continue the amazing job we are all doing.  If you have any questions you can send them to your building reps, this email address, my personal email address ( or you can contact us on our union website which is
Best regards,
Dan Farinola
NAEA President